Chiranjeevi | Will Chiranjeevi’s plan work out? Who will get the mega offer?

Chiranjeevi | Megastar Chiranjeevi is currently acting in Vishwambhara directed by Vashishta. The shooting of this film is fast. Chiranjeevi’s movie will be shot in the house set for Guntur Karam in Kollur. While Trisha is playing the main heroine in this, heroines like Surabhi, Esha Chawla, Ashika Ranganath are playing Chiranjeevi’s younger sisters. This is Chiranjeevi’s social fantasy movie after Jagadekaveerudu Athilokasundari and Anji. UV Creations is putting a budget of around 200 crores for this. So far, there is no producer who has spent such a budget on Megastar.. But the producers are ready to spend such a huge budget with faith in the story. Meanwhile, Megastar is thinking of doing another film while doing this film. Chiranjeevi is waiting for a director who will tell the story for that.

Until yesterday, Anil Ravipudi and Chiranjeevi were thought to be in a movie confam, but now Anil has gone to Venkatesh. The movie Sankranti Kaluddam will come out in the combination of these two. Dil Raju is producing this movie. Anil Ravipudi’s film is going to come out targeting 2025 Sankranti. F2 and F3 movies which have already come in combination of both have collected well. Now Venkatesh and Anil Ravipudi are looking to hit a hat-trick. Chiranjeevi is waiting for another director as Anil’s film is missed.
It is in this order that Tamil director Hari has prepared a story for him. But there is no doubt whether Megastar heard it or not. Because recently Tamil directors are not getting much time together in Telugu. Many directors, including Linguswamy, Murugadoss, Venkat Prabhu, have burned their hands watching Telugu films. That is why Chiranjeevi is not showing much interest in working with Tamil directors now. In the same order, Harish Shankar is also waiting for a long time to do a film with Chiranjeevi. Currently he is doing Mr. Bachchan movie with Ravi Teja as hero.

He is looking to tell the story to Chiranjeevi after the shooting of this film is completed. If this combination works out, then Chiranjeevi is planning to do Harish Shankar’s film on the one hand while making Vishwambhara. It doesn’t matter who the director is, but Megastar’s idea is to make two films at once. There is no reason for that. Being a cosmic socio-fantasy, it has a lot of visual effects. So Chiranjeevi will have less work. That’s why Megastar thought that doing two films at the same time would end one job. And let’s see where the director who tells him the story is.

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