Amrita Pandey | Tragedy in film industry.. Actress committed suicide by hanging herself..!

Amrita Pandey | A tragic incident took place in the Indian film industry. Bhojpuri actress Annapurna alias Amrita Pandey committed suicide. She committed suicide by hanging herself in her apartment under Jogsar Police Station in Bihar on Sunday. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and investigated. The dead body was recovered and investigation started.

However, she put it as a WhatsApp status written before suicide. Now this status has become viral on social media. Apart from Bhojpur films, she has worked in many Hindi films, web series and TV shows. Also, flashed in many advertisements. For a few days, she went into depression due to worry about her career. The family members said that they will be treated in this order. Family members said that they committed suicide due to frustration due to lack of opportunities.

Married to Chandramani Jhangad from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh in 2022 living in Mumbai. He is an animation engineer. While Amrita was in depression.. when she acted in the web series ‘Pratishod’.. it was released. The police said that they are investigating the suicide. When the police spoke to the family members, they said that Amritpande’s sister went into her room around 3.30 pm. Amrita was later found hanging, her sister said.

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