Anasuya Bharadwaj Anasuya lamenting Boruna.. What is the reason?

Anasuya Bharadwaj Actress and anchor Anasuya is currently busy with back to back movies. By choosing roles with a good scope, she becomes a character artist. Anasuya’s fuss on social media is not all this. Regularly posting something.. Many people respond negatively to them.. Giving them replies in his own style, all this is a frequent occurrence. But Anasuya’s latest post will shock everyone. Anasuya posted a video on Insta lamenting Boru. She also added an emotional note under it.

I hope everyone is healthy and in good spirits. I know you all are confused by my post. As far as I know social media platforms are for sharing information. Social media is there to connect with each other wherever in the world, to share happiness, to share lifestyles and cultures, and information about many things. But is that really happening?

The purpose of this post is that all photo shoots, poses, smiles, dances, strong counters are part of my life. So are you. So let me share it all with you. Also at some point in my life I was not so strong and very weak. They are sold. Do you want to know those things? Everyone in the world, even ordinary people, has sufferings and difficulties. In life they are both for everyone. But they must be faced with courage. There is nothing wrong with crying loudly to express pain. Have a good cry, let out all the pain and get back to normal. Come back strong again. There is nothing wrong with crying to let go of pain. At the same time, Anasuya reveals that there are tears and sorrows and not to be discouraged.

Everyone has difficulties. When they occur, cry hard for two or three days and resume normal life. Never shy away from challenges. She revealed in the video that she wants to make a stronger comeback. Many people are commenting on this saying that they need to cry so much to talk about life.


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