That’s the last word

Entering the industry in 1994, Manoj Bajpai has won many National Awards and Filmfare Awards with his performance. Manoj, who has done films in Hindi as well as Telugu and Tamil languages, recently spoke to the media and shared the saddest incident in his life.
‚ÄúThat day I was on the sets of the ‘Killer Soup’ web series. My sister called and said that my father’s life is over. The doctors said that my father is still in this world. My father and I had a good relationship. That’s why I called my father and said, ‘Dad.. enough to bear the pain.. it’s time to leave everyone.. please go..’ My father died early the next day after I spoke. When I said those words to my father, the boy was in the van. Hearing my words, the boy cried profusely. Those days were very difficult. After hearing my voice, my heart was relieved and my father breathed his last happily. I couldn’t stop crying after hearing the news of his death. That was the saddest incident in my life,” said Manoj Bajpai.

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