Anil Ravipudi | Anil Ravipudi gave clarity on the IPL controversy

Anil Ravipudi | It is known that Tollywood director Anil Ravipudi has recently made some serious comments on IPL. Hero Satyadev’s latest film is ‘Krishnamma’. Anil, who came as the chief guest at the pre-release ceremony of this film, said on the stage that the theaters are empty as the audience’s films are not coming. Because of the IPL season, they say.. If you don’t watch the IPL matches for two days, you can’t buy it. Everyone come to the first show and second show movies. You can also check the cricket score on your phones, says Anil. Due to this, Anil’s comments were trolled excessively. Some people posted comments asking who will watch your movies.. Others trolled saying that if you don’t watch the movies in the theater then you can’t buy them.. You can watch the movies in OTT but you won’t get the kick that IPL matches give again. But Anil has given clarity on this recently as this controversy is intensifying.

Anil Ravipudi, who attended Dasari Narayana Rao’s birth anniversary celebrations, said, “We are doing Director’s Day celebrations on May 19. There is also an IPL match on May 19. What I recently said about IPL was misconveyed. Watch IPL, watch movies, I also watch IPL. Don’t misunderstand what I said. I wish we all meet like this every time on the birthday of director Ratna Dasari. All our directors are preparing for the Director’s Day event. They revealed that they are going to do skits and good programs.

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