Gadar-2 Movie | Gadar-2 is one step away from the industry hit.. Will Sunny Deol achieve that all time record?

Gadar-2 Movie | Sunny Deol, who is close to retirement, probably didn’t expect that he will be a part of a film that will rake in Rs.500 crores. Sunny Deol, who once lost the market as a solo hero, is setting sensational records by breaking the films of Khan and Kapoor in an unimaginable range. Gadar-2 has proved the range of the film’s collections if it can please the audience of BC centers. Four weeks after the release of the film, there is still an uproar in some places. No matter how many new releases till Jaawan, they could not match the euphoria of Gadar-2. However, with the release of ‘Jawaan’ on Thursday, the collections of this movie have reduced drastically.

So far this movie has achieved a net collection of Rs.511 crores. Gadar-2 will be the latest industry hit in the Hindi film industry if it collects another Rs.32 crores. Before this there was Pathan movie. This movie is at the first position with Rs.543 crores. Many netizens are saying that the collections of Gadar-2 and Pathan, which have already crossed Baahubali (Rs. 510 crores), will also cross. But some say it is not possible. Because the Hindi audience now has no other movie to watch without Jaawan. If Jawan tickets are not available, Ghadar is given as an option.

It must be said that it is difficult to hit the industry in such a time. However, trade experts say that bookings on Saturday and Sunday are negligible. And it remains to be seen whether Gadar-2 will be a new industry hit. This movie starring Ameesha Patel as the heroine has been produced by director Anil Sharma in association with Zee Studios.

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