Chandni Chaudhary as a powerful police officer… Yevam look released

The film ‘Yevam’ stars Chandini Chaudhary in the lead role. Prakash Dantuluri is the director of this film starring Vashishta Simha, Jai Bharat and Ashur Reddy. Navdeep and Pawan Goparaju are the producers. On Friday, the makers released the look of Chandini Chaudhary’s character in the film. Her character will be seen in the film as an epitome of women empowerment. Telling the features of the film, the director said, ‘As seen in the first look poster, what if Chandini Chaudhary’s character is a girl? ‘ in a way that represents the empowerment and courage of today’s women.

Chandni Choudhary’s performance is a highlight in this film. This movie has a very different narration along with new content. I am confident that everyone will like the film. Chandini Chaudhary, Vashishta Simha, Jai Bharat, Ashur Reddy, Goparaju Ramana, Deviprasad, Kalpita and others are acting in this film, cinematography is provided by SV Visveshwar, music is by Keertana Seshu and Nilesh Mandalapu. Sujana Addusumilli is the editor and Raju Penmetsa is the executive producer.

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