You will be surprised if you know what Krishna food diet is.. Even the day before death..!!

It is known that Tollywood’s senior superstar hero Ghattamaneni Krishna passed away this morning due to illness. Superstar Krishna who has earned crores of viewers by acting in his own style in the film industry is no more. Fans are unable to digest this news. It is felt that superstar Krishna is among us by now. And especially, it is not anyone’s generation to console his son Mahesh Babu. People are suffering saying that five children of the first generation such as NTR, ANNR, Krishnamraju, Shobhan Babu and Krishna have left this world, it is a sin committed by the film industry.

Meanwhile, the old videos of superstar Krishna and his likes and dislikes in interviews have become viral. While in this order, the matter related to his food has become viral on social media. Needless to say how handsome Superstar Krishna was. Why did Superstar Krishna appear with intact beauty even at the time of his first wife’s death the other day. Author Totapalli Madhu Krishna gave an amazing answer to all of them.


Superstar Krishna revealed his eating habits and reminded the people of today’s missing food. Writer Madhu Krishna, who worked in 117 films Gudchari ..Superstar Krishna revealed the food. In this order he said .. Superstar Krishna’s food diet is very different .. very healthy .. he always follows the same type of diet continuously .. he likes to have healthy breakfast. Moreover, he used to eat a healthy breakfast at the time of leaving home for shooting in the morning..after that at 11 o’clock he only ate curd vada..he did not like tea and coffee at all.

It is known that he still has this habit when he wakes up in the morning and drinks two glasses of warm water. Moreover, he eats food at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and then sleeps for a while. And especially the wheat rava dosa served at Money Hotel is Superstar Krishna’s favourite. This is Chennai style food diet.

Moreover, no matter how much they are busy with shooting, they eat food from time to time. Moreover, Superstar Krishna used to follow the same diet even when he was staying at home after stopping the shootings. Picking up his plate after eating .. walking for 20 minutes after eating. Anyway, Krishna’s fans say that it is very bad that all the organs are damaged in the last minute after taking so many health precautions. In any case, Mahesh Babu’s lack of Krishna cannot be filled by anyone

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