“You can’t get this position like me”..Samantha’s emotional comments..!!

It is known to all that Tollywood star heroine Samantha is suffering from a rare disease called myositis. As part of the promotions of the movie Yashoda, where she acted in the first time Pan India range, it was officially announced that Samantha is suffering. Since then, Samantha, who has been receiving huge positive comments on social media, went to South Korea to find the right treatment for this disease and received treatment for months.

The makers have released the trailer of this movie recently. Samantha also looked very dull in the trailer launch event. Some are reacting negatively to her beauty in this sequence.. they are commenting negatively. “Your face doesn’t have the glow it used to have..that charm is missing..Niku, who proved to be a strong woman after divorce..has been hit hard by a disease called myasitis”.

In this sequence, Samantha also gave a very gentle counter. “All the medicines I have taken ..the treatment I have taken all these years should not come to you .. I want you not to come to such a position .. for that I am sending you my love especially” she countered emotionally. This will make Samantha viral on social media. Since Naga Chaitanya’s divorce, Samantha’s name has been trolled in this range on social media. Everyone knows that Samantha was never trolled like this on social media in the past..!!

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