Yevam | Chandni Chaudhary Yevam is the highlight of Telangana’s Oggukatha culture

Yevam | In this western trend, movies with Telugu and traditions of Telugu are rarely coming. Movies that highlight these elements of nature are also appreciated by the Telugu audience. Prakash Dantuluri, the director of Yevam, highlighted the Oggukatha culture of Telangana in the latest movie Yeavam and showed Oggukatha, an important aspect of Telangana culture.

When a crucial scene comes in this film, the depth of that scene is told with a Telangana monologue. In this story, the greatness of the village deities in the Hindu tradition is also shown in this film. A story in a movie
It can be said that it is a commercial film which is included as the main point. It is special that this Oggukatha is also told by Oggukatha artists who sing Oggukatha in reality.

The director said that by telling the depth of the story and the gist of the scene with this short story, the audience will not only get involved in the story but also give them a new experience. The recently released trailer of the film is getting a good response. He said that there is a belief that this film, which is going to be released on 14th of this month, will entertain Anda.

Chandini Chowdary, Vashishta Simha, Bharatraj and Ashu Reddy are playing the lead roles in this film directed by Prakash Dantuluri. Navadeep and Pawan Goparaju are the producers of this film. Goparaju Ramana, Devi Prasad, Kalpita and others are acting in this film, cinematographer SV Visveshwar, music by Keertana Seshu and Nilesh Mandalapu. Sujana Addusumilli is the editor and Raju Penmetsa is the executive producer.

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