Writing on a poster is not a pan-India movie

Nani is the protagonist who impresses the family audience along with the masses with different films. His new movie ‘Ante Sundaraniki ..’. Produced by director Vivek Atreya and produced by Maitree Movie Makers. Nazriya Fahad is the heroine. The movie is releasing on the 10th of this month. In this context, Nani shared her experiences and career experiences in the film in a recent interview.

What is the reason for working with new directors?

It seemed like I would be on their journey if I worked with those who will be great directors tomorrow rather than working with senior directors. Gautam Thinnanuri and Rahul Sankrityan, whom I have worked with till now, may be the ones who have done only two or three films under the name of Vivek or Veel but they are talented. When Vivek told this story, when he saw his past films he was confident that he would become one of the great directors we will see tomorrow.

What made you feel special in this film?

The movie has a beautiful story. The story is screened by the director in his own unique style. Usually some items are liked by the audience so we try to show them in the movie. But in this film the director honestly screened what he thought. The formulas did not go downhill. This story cannot be screened like this given to any director.

How is ‘Sundaraniki…’ going to be?

It has new humor, timing and elements that have not been shown in any of the entertaining films I have made in the past. I wanted to act like an old nanny but the director changed without being able to act. His writing ‌ istel ‌ so made me act new. I can only say that they laugh enough while watching the movie.

How Sundar prepared for the role

When we film with such unique characters we act a little more than we are. We put in long dialogues that tell what the character of a Brahmin boy is. They don’t actually say that. Like us speak casually. In this case the beautiful character behaves without rushing. Director Vivek Atreya is a Brahmin boy. He put into the film the moments he saw, what happened in his life, in his family. They are very natural and impressive.

What is the significance of the heroine in this film?

It is a story in which two characters, Sundar and Leela, are crucial. That is why we named the movie Nani and Nazriya in the title. I write Nani Starring on the title of my films. But it would be a mistake to do so for this film. When we were planning the movie we wanted to have a heroine like Nazriya for the role of Leela. She starred as Lucky. Nazriya, who gave up big movies, agreed to act as soon as she heard our story.

Ticket rates have now risen and become a burden to the audience, your reaction to this situation

Some people are questioning me on social media lately. You have increased ticket rates. Look now says 500 have done. I then asked who would raise such a huge amount to put the basic ticket rates in the theater. I asked how the distributors survive when it is Rs 30,40. Some people are making unnecessary comments on social media without knowing what I mean in any case. It would be a mistake to increase ticket rates for all but a handful of rare films.

What do you think about the growing popularity of Telugu cinema at the national level?

Any language film is good looking beyond languages. This should be considered the golden age of cinema, not Telugu cinema. It can be said that good days have come for movies. In my view there is no need for us to do special drills for Pan‌ India movies. If a good film is made, it will succeed at the same Pan-India level. ‘Pushpa’ is a story that takes place in our forest, has nothing to do with Bollywood. Hasn’t there been solid success there though? If we put Pan India on the poster, it will be Pan India, not Pan India.

How far has the ‘Dasara’ shooting come?

About 25 percent of the filming took place. This is the project I am working on the most.

What kind of film are you making as a producer?

We are making a movie called ‘Meet Cute’. It will be released directly on OTT. I produced the movie ‘Hit 2’ with Adivi Shesh as the hero. The film is set to release in July.

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