“Write it down..this is what will happen on that day”.. Rashmika’s sensational comments went viral..!!

National crush Rashmika Mandana is known to all the controversies lately. Rashmika Mandana, who has earned a name as a Pan India heroine, is currently busy with many projects. Most importantly, Rashmika Mandana, who has done seven big projects simultaneously in Bollywood, will act in Pushpa 2 in Tollywood. Everyone knows that the name of Rashmika Mandana, who is a hit in any of these movies, will go viral in the Yama range on social media.

Recently, the controversy that started with the director of Kantara turned into a big controversy. In this order, Kannada people are demanding that Rashmika’s herd should be boy cut. But Rashmika Mandana, who doesn’t care about them at all, makes her name more popular. Some of her comments in a recent interview are going viral. Most importantly, how can Rashmika stay so hot..What kind of rules does she follow in terms of food?

“Rashmika Mandana who came to say that she eats as much as she likes.. She said that she would definitely set a cheat day for one day in a week.. that day she would take all the things she needed.. She especially likes Hyderabad food.. All her friends are food lovers and if she sat with them she would forget about dieting. On normal days, when she wakes up in the morning, she starts her daily routine by drinking a liter of water..then she does work outs, skipping yoga, etc..most importantly, volleyball is a must these days. With this, Rashmika’s diet secrets are going viral..!!

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