Wow.. is Anasuya asking the directors like that? Is there anything worse than this?

Not to mention Anasuya who has gained recognition as a Jabardast anchor. Anasuya’s fans say that there is nothing less than beauty, beauty, acting, acting, beauty, tollywood Chandamama, Panchadara doll, butta doll. Even though she is married and has two children, she is maintaining a hot figure and is striking in the industry by balancing her beauty equally in a way that is not taken away from the heroines in the industry.

It is not known at what moment she stepped out of Jabardast, but since then, Anasuya’s name has been trending on social media. Being subjected to trolling. Recently, Anasuya has been requesting the directors to increase the screen time in terms of characterizations. The same news is now top trending. In a few days there will be information that Anasuya is going to participate in the sets of Pushpa 2. In this order, Sukumar is called personally and Anasuya asks to increase the screen time in her characterization.

Not only that, it says to make sure that the screen space is high, even if the remuneration is low. Not only Pushpa 2, she is doing the same in the case of two or three other projects in her account. In this sequence, Anasuya looked down her graph from the time she gave the call sheets to asking her to increase her screen time like this..? People are surprised. Can there be anything worse than this for an artist..? They are making comments. But Anasuya’s fans are saying that someone is trying to throw mud on her because Anasuya did not get that fate. Fans say that if Anasuya does not respond quickly, chances of misinterpretation are high. Let’s see how Anasuya reacts to this..? What kind of clarity will it give to the fans..?

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