Wow..for years and years..anchor Lasya who gave the news that made the fans happy..!!

Yes.. Now everyone is saying the same thing. Anchor Lasya has finally told good news to her fans and followers who have been eagerly waiting to hear that sweet news. On her official YouTube channel, anchor Lasya has given exciting news to her fans. With this, her fans and her followers are becoming full of happiness. Do you know what the anchor Lasya said about the good news?

What an anchor Lasya is going to be as a mother. Lasya, who has already met a boy who looks like a fine fruit like cheese, is ready to have another beautiful baby boy soon. As we know, anchor Lasya’s name has become very viral on social media recently. Fans were shocked when the news went viral that she was in the hospital due to illness and her health condition was critical. How is Anchor Lasya’s health? They made a lot of noise. But she calmed down the fans by saying that it was viral fever.

Now anchor Lasya has announced to her fans that she is going to be a mother. As we know anchor Lasya Nana faced difficulties in the beginning of her career. She herself said that she survived by eating food or Maggi packets. Not to mention how such a poor position is now. Anchor Lasya’s life has changed by saying that cars are a luxury life. While anchor Lasya, who is so settled, when will her wish for her second child be fulfilled, the fans of the followers have repeatedly asked her. Finally, anchor Lasya Ne herself posted this news on her official YouTube channel and gave a sweet message to her fans. With this, Lasya video jumps in a range.

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