Wow.. Dr. Babu’s property is all crores..? If you know the price of a new house.. Dimma will have to return..!!

Lately, not only the star celebrities in the film industry, but also the television stars who act in small serials on television are spending crores upon crores and building houses. And especially lately anchor Shyamala has become a hot topic trend in social media by buying a house which is higher than star celebrities. Even recently, she laid the foundation stone of another house and gave a mind block to the stars as well. People are shocked that an anchor spends such crores to build a house.

Recently, Nirupam, who gained fame as Dr. Babu on television, has been added to the same list. As we know, Nirupam gained popularity as Dr. Babu, who is famous for Karthikadeepam serial aired on MaTV. Nirupam, who has been giving life updates to his fans by setting up his own YouTube channel on social media, has recently built a new house. He posted the video on his YouTube channel.

Speaking in a recent video, Nirupam came to tell about that house. They clarified that their father had booked that house. “He also said that the house came to me because of my father’s absence”. But he expressed happiness that he got the late house as it has been almost 18 years since he booked it. There are reports on social media that Nirupam is spending crores for the interior designer of this house. Nirupam also said in this video that he will enter the house immediately after completing the interior designing work.

Nirupam’s father is not who he is, Omkar who once earned a lot of fame as a writer and actor in Tollywood. Nirupam entered this field as his successor after his death. Seeing Nirupam’s shopping with his wife, netizens keep commenting that his monthly income is in lakhs and the annual turnover is in crores.

Comments are often heard on social media that Nirupam’s wife is always shopping. Recently, the details of Nirupam’s assets are going viral after he officially announced that he is moving into a new house. People are getting shocked that an actor who does serials on television is spending crores to make an interior designer..!!

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