With that vulgar word..the heroine who hurt Suresh Babu..Do you know what Venkatesh did..?

Not to mention the producer Suresh Babu in the Tollywood industry. Daggubati Ramanaidu’s sons Venkatesh and Suresh Babu entered the Tollywood industry after inheriting it. If Venkatesh impressed as a hero, Suresh Babu mesmerized as a producer. Moreover, everyone knows about the reputation of producer Mahesh Babu in the film industry. He is very silent and doesn’t care much about others who approach him. Meanwhile, producer Suresh Babu was hurt by the words of a heroine with the same tone.

We know that there are many movies produced by Suresh Babu and starring Venkatesh. Almost all all blockbuster hits. In the past, it was reported that Suresh Babu was hurt by the joking words of a woman who acted as the heroine in the movie produced by Suresh Babu and starring Venkatesh as the hero. Even though she is a star heroine, there is a reputation among the people that she has no brain. There is already a rumor in Tollywood that this heroine is number one in hurting others by speaking words that come to her mouth.

Suresh Babu jokingly commented, “Your age is a little different from Venkatesh’s, but Venkatesh looks so handsome and you look so old.” Suresh Babu got angry at the heroine’s words and Venkatesh, who was there, gave the heroine a heart-wrenching answer. “Beauty is not important. No matter how old my brother is, he does things by himself.. He looks older than me.. I don’t have his stamina. If you look up, you can’t see this matter,” he indirectly answered the heroine. This matter became viral at that time.[అడారటకాగాఅక్కడేఉన్నవెంకటేష్హీరోయిన్కిదిమ్మతిరిగిపోయేఆన్సర్ఇచ్చారట”అందంఇంపార్టెంట్కాదుఎంతవయసువచ్చినమాఅన్నపనులుతానేచేసుకుంటాడునాకన్నాఓల్డ్లుక్స్లోకనిపించినఆయనస్టామినాసత్తానాకురాదుఈవిషయంపైకిచూస్తేకళ్లకుకనపడదులే”అంటూఆహీరోయిన్కిపరోక్షకంగాఆన్సర్ఇచ్చాడటదీంతోఈవిషయంఅప్పట్లోవైరల్గామారింది

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