Will there be another wedding in the Ghattamaneni family..? Antra Babu is defaming Mahesh like this..!!

What.. is there going to be another wedding in the Ghattamaneni family..? Film celebrities say yes. We all know very well what kind of situation is happening in the Ghattamaneni family. If Mahesh Babu is in pain after losing his parents back to back within three months.. It is known that marriage celebrations are going on in Mahesh Babu’s family. It is known that Vijayanirmala’s son Naresh is married to Pavitra, who is already doing character artist roles in Tollywood.

The video of their wedding has become a sensation on social media. But some brats are trending Ghattamaneni surname in this order. Galla Ashok, who entered the film industry as Mahesh Babu’s nephew, is having a romantic relationship with a young heroine in the industry. The news goes viral. Moreover, Ashok said this on his own.

But why are they getting married at such a young age, their mother and father are getting fired up saying that they are not listening to Ashok. “I will do it after marriage..but if the girl officially announces that she is the daughter-in-law of our house..I will do films intelligently..I have put a crazy condition that I will get married only when you tell me. Ghattamaneni fans are shocked by Galla Ashok’s work in this order. “Moreover, Mahesh Babu’s fans have taken a step forward.. because of you.. Ghattamaneni family’s reputation will be lost” will also trend as a hot topic on social media.

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