Will Ram Charan be the next James Bond? Hollywood was also convinced by the character of Freedom Fighter of RRR

Actor of South films due to his brilliant performance in the film ‘RRR’ Ram Charan Got a lot of applause. Not only Indian celebs but Hollywood’s veteran actors praised her for her brilliant character. In this film of Rajamouli, Ram Charan was seen in the role of a freedom fighter. After which now the creators of Marvel also agree that South actor Ram Charan can be the next James Bond. Let us tell you that there is a lot of speculation about who will play the next character of James Bond.

So Ram Charan will be the next James Bond!

tell that dayNiall Craig left the James Bond franchise after starring in the 2021 film ‘No Time to Die’. After which, along with the rumors about who will be the next James Bond, the market of speculation is also hot. The creator of Marvel’s Luke Cage, Cheo Hodari Kok, has fueled this news by saying that Ram Charan could be a better contender for this character.

Let us tell you that on Wednesday, Cheo shared several names on Twitter as his choice for the next James Bond. These names included actors Idris Elba, Soap Dirisu, Matthew Goode and Damson Idris. Ram Charan’s name was also in this tweet. After this tweet, many people reacted to it. After some time, Cheo asked- How many people are fans of Ram Charan here.

Cheo told the reason

Only after this tweet, Cheo put another post on Twitter explaining the reason for choosing Ram Charan. He wrote- ‘Oh, it soon went viral. All actors know Idris. Well, as per my thinking, Damson in Snowfall, Matthew G in The Offer and Ram in RRR. All these are worth it.’

Ram Charan’s fans reacted

Responding to Cheo’s tweet, Ram Charan’s fans called the actor the ‘King of Tollywood’. Also, fans shared many videos and photos from Ram Charan’s film RRR. Not only this, many fans even shared the James Bond poster of Ram Charan. Earlier, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn and Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson also praised RRR.

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