Why is SS Rajamouli, the producer of ‘RRR’ angry with Netflix, said- ‘I have a complaint with him’

SS Rajamouli The film ‘RRR’ was released in cinemas on 25 March this year. Not only was the film a blockbuster at the box office, its Hindi version was also streamed on Netflix on May 20 and the film was a hit there as well. But the producer of the film SS Rajamouli now has a complaint with Netflix, which he has recently disclosed. He says that Netflix released only the Hindi version on its platform.

Rajamouli expressed his displeasure over Netflix

Apart from Netflix, this film was also released on Zee5 and Disney + Hotstar. While the Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada versions of the film were streamed on other OTT platforms, Netflix released only the Hindi version on its platform.

Loved the movie on Netflix

Recently, in a conversation with the Russo Brothers, Rajamouli put forward his complaint to them. When asked whether he was surprised after a successful dramatic release that he would get a good response on Netflix after the film got so much love in theatres. In response to this question, Rajamouli said that he is very happy with it.

Only Hindi version was released on Netflix

But at the same time Rajamouli also expressed his displeasure over this and said, ‘First of all, I am very angry with Netflix because they only streamed the Hindi version on their platform and did not give preference to the remaining 4 languages. I have a complaint with him about this and secondly, he has been very surprised by the great response to the film from West.

‘RRR’ gets great response from West

Rajamouli said that, ‘A good story is a good story for everyone, but I used to think that I can make films to understand the sense of the West. I never trusted myself about it. So when this film came on Netflix and people started watching it and people started praising it, I was quite surprised. And of course, this would not have been possible without Netflix. For this I have a lot of respect for him.

The film was watched for more than 47 million hours worldwide

According to the news of South Movie, this film was trended all over the world for 10 consecutive weeks and it has been watched for more than 47 million hours worldwide. After its release on Netflix, the film garnered a lot of accolades in the West. The Russo Brothers also said about this film that, ‘I thought it was actually a well-made epic.’

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