Why hate me?

It is natural for celebrities to face criticism. But heroine Rashmika Mandanna says that these are causing her trouble beyond Shruti. She said that false propaganda has been going on about her on social media for several years, due to which not only she but also her close friends are suffering. Rashmika recently made an emotional post. In which she responded…’They have been criticizing me ever since I made my debut as an actress. I think positive reviews help us to grow. Accept them wholeheartedly. It is wrong to think that we want to please everyone. But we have to work hard to please everyone. For a long time now, I have left the bad publicity against me on social media. Why hate me? They played with the trolls like a punching bag. But it seems that I have made a mistake in not talking about it in the past. My video interviews are also being distorted. They are attributing words that I did not say. This is causing trouble to me and my friends. I don’t hate anyone. I love everyone. She said that I will act in good films to get more of their love.

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