Why did senior actress Lakshmi marry two more than her first husband?

The lives of filmmakers look colorful from the outside. But there are many hardships in their lives. Such hardships are also present in the life of Lakshmi, the heroine of Obebi movie. Lakshmi, who played the role of Baby in this movie starring Samantha as the heroine, needs no special introduction to the Tollywood audience. Lakshmi’s real name is Erragudipadi Venkata Mahalakshmi. She entered films at the age of fifteen and continues to act even though she is nearly seventy years old. Lakshmi who has acted in Telugu as well as Tamil and Malayalam films has received many awards in her career.

Lakshmi has won the Filmfare Awards seven times as the best actress. Till now Lakshmi has acted in hundreds of movies and impressed with her acting. He shocked the audience by acting very actively in the movie O Baby with Samantha. There is no doubt that after Samantha in this movie, Lakshmi’s acting again gave life to the movie. Apart from that, they acted in the movie Mithunam opposite SP Balasubrahmanyam and impressed.

Although Lakshmi’s remuneration is low, she has proved her acting skills by acting in many experimental films. Directors are also surprised by her talent. She proved herself as a single take artist. If this is the case, Lakshmi’s real life will also be surprising. When Lakshmi was fifteen years old, her parents got her married to a man named Bhaskar. Both got divorced after only five years of marriage due to disputes between the two.

But it is said that Lakshmi was at the peak of her career at that time and that her husband did not like her being friends with the film people. After that she fell in love with Malayalam actor Mohan Sharma and married him. But Mohan Sharma divorced Lakshmi in 1980. Again after seven years, Lakshmi married an actor named Sivachandran. And when asked what is the real reason behind marrying three times, she answers that it is men’s pride…authority.

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