Why did NTR give top priority to that heroine… this is the story…!

The talk of heroines in the film industry is different now. But, once upon a time, even the superheroes respected them a lot. But, there was talk that casting couches were not as big as they are now. That’s why heroines are given utmost priority. Shaukaru Janaki, who once dominated the film industry, is the elder sister of Krishnakumari. In the beginning, people used to come from home and perform plays.

Plays are life for her. That’s why she came home with her friends without telling. It was in this sequence that Shaukaru made his debut in the movie. After that, she didn’t get many chances. At the same time, NTR, who was in good form, decided to encourage Janaki and spoke to the owners of two studios to give her a chance, according to the book written by Gummadi.

However, Janaki did not get priority. In this background, when Annagaru made the film Seetha Kalyan himself, they used her for their own banner NAT Combines. In the first shot of the film, Janaki is seen sitting with Purnakumbha. The reason for this is that Annagaru thinks that by introducing himself, good opportunities will come. Thus Janaki got good opportunities in the later period.


After that, even when NTR entered politics, Janaki was one of those who stayed behind the scenes. Giving NTR behind-the-scenes advice.. She strongly aspired for him to reach very high positions politically and become the Chief Minister. That is why she used to participate in many discussions before NTR started the party. NTR also gave tickets to one or two BC leaders who had recommended Jana at that time.

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