Why did Naresh divorce his godlike second wife.. The heartbreaking truth…!

Tollywood’s senior actor Naresh’s film career is in full swing but his personal life has turned into a ball of marriages. In the last two years, Naresh has become very controversial in the media. Earlier in our elections, there was a big circle around him. After that, his third wife Ramya Raghupathi criticized him severely… Naresh also made serious accusations against Ramya.

It is known that Naresh and Pavitra are getting ready for their fourth marriage. But Naresh has been married three times before. Naresh got married to the daughter of famous cinematographer Hiralal (Srinivas) at the age of 19. But after the birth of Naveen (also known as a hero in Tollywood) she became completely withdrawn from life due to mental illness.

That’s why Naresh got married for the second time. (Naresh’s first wife also died a few days ago).. Naresh’s second wife is none other than Rekha Supriya, granddaughter of Devulapalli Krishna Shastri. Her father is none other than Bujjai writer Subbaraya Sharma. This relationship was set as Sharma and Vijayanirma were close friends. After the marriage, the child born to this couple, Teja, had autism problem.

As a result, the child grows up and becomes an adult, but there is no mental growth. Along with this, Naresh got busy in both movies and businesses at the same time. Being a hero in movies, he was unable to devote proper time to his family due to his focus on business. This is the case and the small quarrels between the husband and the wife have become big in the end.

Naresh had no answer to Rekha’s question why should I be your wife when you are leading a busy life to spare time for him. They parted with that agreement. But Rekha and Naresh are still friends despite their separation. Talk that Naresh has also taken responsibility for them? After the divorce, Rekha Supriya has adopted some other children like her son Teja and is taking care of them with her full expenses.

A trust has been started and is also providing coaching to children suffering from autism and their parents.
It is said that Rekha Supriya has a very good mentality. It is said that their relationship did not last long because she did not spend time with Naresh’s family. But even after the divorce she is working hard for her autistic children.

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