Why did Krishna make Sudhir Babu, who did not like him, as his son-in-law… these are the twists in this love story..!

Ever since the death of Superstar Krishna, not only Telugu movie lovers, but also his fans, Telugu people are not recovering. Five children were born to Krishna with Indira Devi. Among these two sons are Ramesh Babu and Mahesh Babu. Among the daughters are Padmavati – Manjula – Indira Priyadarshini. Among them, Ramesh Babu has already died due to illness.. Mahesh Babu is an unstoppable superstar in Tollywood today.

And among the daughters, Padmavati, the eldest daughter, went as a daughter-in-law to the Galla family, a strong industrial and political family in Chittoor district. She is the wife of Galla Jayadev, grandson of Galla Ramachandra Naidu and son of former minister Galla Aruna. They have a business empire worth crores of rupees. And Jaydev won twice as MP from Guntur on behalf of TDP.

There was no trouble in Padma’s marriage as it was a relationship entered into with Krishna’s will. And when it comes to Manjula, Manjula – Sanjay’s love marriage. It is said that Krishna did not like this love first. That is why Manjula got married at a very late age. In Krishna’s thoughts, Manjula should be given to a very wealthy family.. Just as the eldest daughter Padma was sent as a daughter-in-law to a large family, Manjula also wanted to be sent as a daughter-in-law to an equally large, rich and famous family.

As Manjula – Sanjay did not accept their love, Manjula also remained unmarried for seven or eight years. But in the end, Indira would always give birth to a daughter, no matter how hard or bad it was. After she told him not to stop her love, finally Krishna came down and agreed to Manjula’s love marriage.

And it is true that the younger daughter Indira Priyadarshi was a little beaten up in front of Krishna in the matter of love marriage. It is said that the acquaintance formed between Sudhir Babu and Indira while doing gym workouts turned into love. Sudhir Babu’s family also has considerable assets. But among Krishna’s three daughters, it must be said that the top family is definitely the eldest daughter.

There is also a reason for Krishna’s thought of giving his younger daughter Priyadarshini to Sudhir Babu. The eldest daughter is a self-arranged marriage. He did not mince his word in the matter of Manjula. Finally, seeing that the youngest daughter is also suitable for the Padma range, they thought to make her a great son-in-law. But in the end, no matter how many thoughts are made, they have to agree to their love.

But at last Sudhir Babu was made son-in-law of Krishna Illarikam. He kept Sudhir as his son-in-law and kept him in his house, thinking that he would support him in every way in his old age. That is why Sudhir Babu Krishna’s younger daughter remained at home till the end. Vijayanirmala also lived in this house.

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