Who is ‘Suchitra’ the wife of Natu Natu hero Chandra Bose.. What happened in their love marriage..!

Chandra Bose who penned the Natu Natu song in the movie Triple R received the Oscar Award. Now everyone is praising Chandra Bose. The entire Telugu nation is very proud to receive an Oscar for Natu Natu song. Lyricist Chandra Bose gave life to this song with his pen. Now a lot of searching is done on Google about Chandra Bose. Who is Chandra Bose? How he came into the industry… his family background is the only search going on.

Chandrabose’s hometown is Challagerige in Jayashankar Bhupalapalli district of Telangana. The Natu Natu song won the Oscar award in the Best Original Song category.. Immediately the villagers celebrated by burning firecrackers and distributing sweets. They all expressed their happiness that the song written by Telangana Muddobidda is getting world level recognition and it is a pride for the Telugu nation.

When it comes to Chandra Bose’s family background, he took steps in that direction with his interest in song lyrics while studying engineering in Hyderabad. For the first time, he wrote a song Chandama Chandanalu chellipo in Manchu Kondallo Chandama Chandanalu Chellipo in the film Taj Mahal directed by his friend Muppalaneni Siva. Since that song became a super hit, Chandra Bose never looked back.

As for Chandra Bose’s love story, it is a beautiful love story. It can also be made into a movie. Chandra Bose met Suchitra during the shooting of Pelli Sanadi. Her choreographer Chandra Bose is the lyricist and the two have also worked together for Pelli Peetalu. For that film, I had to travel from Hyderabad to Chennai sitting side by side in a plane. With the contact formed at that time, the intimacy between the two increased.

A few years later, Chandra Bose proposed to get married first. He tried to convince her. However, Suchitra is older than Chandra Bose. Naturally, their marriage faced difficulties from the elders. But Chandra Bose said that he will marry Suchitra. Seeing his persistence, Suchitra also gave the green signal. So they both became a couple. If their love story is really made into a movie, it will be a super hit..!

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