Who did Pali ‘tricks’ around Gaiyali Atta Suryakantham… This is the shocking decision she took..!

It is surprising that only very few people know about the personal life of Suryakantham, who gained a special identity for herself with the roles of Gayali Atta. Those who know her as a multi-lingual are snorts. Moreover.. He spoke Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and English fluently. They used to write stories. He used to write novels. Not only that.. He used to contribute to stories in movies. Like this

In this sequence, many opportunities came to her. Especially in the 1960s, Suryakantham grabbed the opportunity to become the chairman of the South Indian Regional Film Board. This South Indian Regional Film Board works for the cinema industry in three states. Even now there is. Associations asked her to be its chairman. However. Suryakantham refused.

At that time, besides being very busy in movies, she was also busy with family affairs. At that time there was a tremendous demand for her call sheets. Director producers used to fly for her dates. It was in this order that she rejected the post that came to her and recommended that Chittoor Vi Nagayya would be better. However, it is noteworthy that she is not aware of the fact that Nagayu recommended that it would be better to have Suryakantham in this post.

With this నాన్న‌గారు న‌న్ను సిఫార‌సు చేశారా Saying.. took the position. However, they could not stay in it for long. She from Aveda said that politics has taken place and real actors have lost their importance. However.. it is worth noting that even though she did it only for six months.. she generously prioritized many programs.

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