Who asked heroine Aditi for her commitment?

Heroine Adithirao Hydari introduced to Kollywood with the Tamil movie Katruvelyeedai directed by Mani Ratnam. This beauty turned the boys towards her with the very first movie. After this movie, she did movies in Kollywood as well as Tollywood and Bollywood. Recently, she acted in the Telugu movie Ocean. As this film was not as successful as expected, it could not get opportunities in Tollywood.

Meanwhile, it is known that many heroines have revealed about sexual harassment in the film industry in interviews… But Adhitirao also revealed her bitter experiences in an interview. Adhithi Rao said that I am not saying that bedroom harassment is more for those who have no background than heirs… But I can say that about me. She said that the new entrants in this field should move forward towards the goal. But he said that it is not impossible but he is an example.

She revealed that she was dropped from three films due to not being able to adjust. She commented that she lives with the aim of living with dignity… respect and courtesy are important. She commented that it does not matter if the opportunities are lost. Moreover, Adhitirao commented that there is no proper security for women not only in the film industry but also in other fields. She said that there are different people in all fields.. Some behave politely and some commit atrocities against women.

It is difficult for women to grow in society. She made sensational comments. She said that many people ask why she is not a star heroine and she does not have a proper answer. But she said that she is happy with the opportunities that are coming her way. She said that she is not sad that she could not become the number one heroine as she has already acted in the films of famous directors. She said that some consider getting high remuneration as success while others consider winning awards as success.

She commented that she would feel great if a big director gives her a chance. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Aditi got married before entering films. After a few years of courtship, she divorced her husband on the grounds of rivalry. And now there are reports that she is cohabiting with senior hero Siddharth and they will get married soon.

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