Who are the two Tollywood heroines who fell in love with Indira Gandhi’s son Sanjay Gandhi?

Iron Lady There were many stories about Sanjay Gandhi, the second son of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. When Sanjay Gandhi was young, he used to do a lot of pranks.. What did Sanjay Gandhi do when his mother was already the Prime Minister? No one dares to ask. Sanjay Gandhi is a monarch.. especially when it comes to girls he doesn’t sleep until he feels them. At times, his antics in this matter would have come to an end.

At that time, it was enough if Bollywood heroines fell in Sanjay’s eye.. The Congress leaders of that time used to do various tricks behind the scenes to convince those heroines and make Sanjay fulfill his wish. Sanjay’s visit to Mumbai is enough… All top leaders of Congress must take some heroine to him. And even those who were fighting for positions were advertised to convince the heroines and get them to sleep with Sanjay Gandhi.

Sanjay Gandhi’s visit to Andhra is enough. Congress leaders who were in Telugu politics at that time also used to do the same thing. At that time, Sanjay Gandhi fell in love with two leading Tollywood heroines. There are rumors that when Sanjay Gandhi visited Andhra… a person who was a key minister from Coastal Andhra at that time sent two Tollywood heroines to Sanjay Gandhi and scored good marks.

Sanjay Gandhi enjoyed himself four or five times with those two Tollywood heroines. Both of them emerged as star heroines in the 1960s and 70s. Later, a heroine entered politics and held positions. Both are still alive. Another heroine got married to a husband with crores of rupees and settled happily in Bangalore.

Now it is not so important to mention the names of those two heroines. But at that time this matter became a big hot topic. Sanjay Gandhi Manasu Paddatu means that no great heroine in India has the courage to say no. All the political leaders of that generation knew this.

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