Where is the party Vs Jai Balayya .. Which one is a hit… Which one is a hit…!

Two big hero films are releasing around Sankranti. Balayya’s Veerasimha Reddy and Chiranjeevi’s Waltheru Veerayya are two films lined up. Recently, the first single from these two films has been released. But ironically, this time, the producers of these two films are the same. Both the films were released under Mythri Movies banner. Even for Maithri Valla, two films coming out at the same time is a big headache. However, two films are being released on Sankranthi which will bear all of them.


Now it has become a big challenge for them to get the same buzz for both the films before their release. And the fans of the two heroes just started campaigning that Maa Hero’s movie is great.. Maa Hero’s movie is great. The desire to get the upper hand before the release is seen in the fans of both the heroes. If you look at the first single of the two movies, Waltheru Veeraiah Boss Party and Veerasimha Reddy Jai Balaiah song are not much talked about.

Both have a lot of copycat stains. Boss party song was written.. sung.. tune was given by Devi. The lyrics and tune are not catchy at all. Sometimes it is said that the party song from the Tamil movie Silambattan, starring Simbu, has been lifted. The original Devi’s lyrics, however, are very bad and poor. Devi failed both in terms of tune and lyric.

There are criticisms that Jay Balayya’s Thaman has lifted the tune of Vijayashanthi Osei Ramulamma from the 1990s and changed it. The words written by Ramajogaiah Shastri are so powerful but there are some reminders of old literature. Overall, it is true that both the songs did not create much hype. Let’s hope that the second single will come without the smell of old songs and copy stains. However, the Jai Balayya song is better to listen to than the tune written and composed by Devishri. Something to give a little josh to the masses. That’s the only consolation for Balayya fans.

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