Where is Manchu Vishnu Veronica? Do you know if you fell in love… This is shocking..!

Our president Manchu Vishnu entered the industry as the successor of the strong actor Manchu Mohan Babu in Tollywood. Vishnu, who became a hero with the movie Vishnu which came out sometime in 2003, was not as successful as he thought he would be. However, as a producer, he has been making efforts in overseas distribution as well. And Vishnu has his own business. Along with the Vidyaniketan educational institutes in Tirupati, Atu also has many businesses from his wife’s side.

Vishnu is very successful in business field. It is known that Vishnubharya Veronica Reddy is the younger daughter of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy. This couple has four children in total. Veronica Reddy has a strong family. This is a girl from YS family. But she is the eldest granddaughter of famous producer CC Reddy. She was born and raised in America.

Once she came to India, she went to Hyderabad for her grandfather’s birthday. But on the same day Manchu Vishnu along with his father Mohan Babu also went to Sisi Reddy’s birthday celebrations. The next day I took her phone number and called… Today is my birthday… All my best friends are coming. You also requested to come. The strange thing is that when Veronica goes to Vishnu’s house, there is no one there except her.

That day was not even Vishnu’s birthday.. Vishnu lied and planned it to be his birthday just to bring her home. At first Veronica was a bit shy and then she started befriending Vishnu. After falling in love, Mohan Babu objected to their marriage. In the end, Mohan Babu reluctantly agreed to this marriage when the elders in the industry said Sardi. Vishnu and Veronica are enjoying a very happy family life in their entire life. Mohan Babu is also having fun playing with Vishnu’s sons and daughters.

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