What kind of mother do you have? Heroine’s dirty work in public..!!

It is not necessary to tell about the range in which the star beauties are behaving in the film industry in recent times. Especially Bollywood hotties are behaving out of bounds. In this order, Bollywood beauty Hina Khan is subjected to trolling in huge range on social media. It goes without saying how beautiful serial beauty Heera Khan is.

This beauty name needs no new introductions. After gaining popularity through serials, this cutie who went to Bigg Boss and made her name famous in a range, recently shined in the G20 Summit held in Srinagar. A range of Bollywood star celebrities praised Heena Khan, who entered the serial industry after working hard and participated in the G20 Summit with that huge popularity.

But within 24 hours of the praise, the deed went viral on social media. It is known that Heena participated in the Srinagar G20 Summit. This beauty landed directly in Mumbai from there. In this order, her boyfriend was looking for her outside the airport. They were talking and suddenly Hina was overcome with loneliness when she saw him. Even so, she forgot the world with the intense lip lock. These photos have now become viral on social media. Don’t you know Hina Khan who has such a good talent..? Are you so confused..? They are making outrageous comments. The photos of the two getting excited and kissing on the lips after seeing her boyfriend have now gone viral on social media..!!

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