What is the real background of Pavitra Lokesh?

Since her affair with senior actor Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh’s name has been buzzing in Telugu media and social media. So who is she? What is her background? They are inquiring about where she came from. Holy has become a big trending topic on Google right now. We have been seeing how the name of Pavitra and Naresh has become a hot topic for the past year and a half. Even the media is now being given as much stuff as they want.

And when it comes to the holy background, the holy place is Karnak. Her father Mysore Lokesh was also an actor. So she got interested in acting from a young age. After the death of her father, she got ready for civils while acting in minor roles in films to support the family. Her goal is to become IAS. She started her career as a Kannada TV actress at the age of 16 to stand on her own feet.

In 1994, she acted opposite Ambarish in the movie Mr. Abhishek starring Kannada rebel star Ambarish. At that time, the Kannada cinema people were fed up with her beauty. Pavitra had the name of such a great beauty. Haight did not have the right personality and as she did not get chances as a heroine, she settled as a character artist.

As soon as she entered the movies, as she got busy here, she abandoned her aim of civils. After that she became a busy artist in Kannada as well as Telugu. She has acted in more than 150 films so far and won the state award for the Karnataka film Nai Neralu. Pavitra Bharatha Suchendra Prasad is also a TV serial actor. Both of them fell in love and got married while acting in serials with him.

But before that, Pavitra married a software engineer and divorced him within a year. It is said that she first married a software guy at home who wanted to achieve civils. But as Pavitra became busy in acting, she could not balance her married life and divorced her first husband. After that she fell in love with Suchendra Prasad and got married.

And Suchendra also got married to Pavitra for the second time. Another twist is that Suchendra’s first wife is Pavitra’s best friend. She introduced Pavitra and Suchendra. When it comes to Naresh, it is said that love blossomed between the two during the shooting of the movie Sammohanam. After that it went till it reached Peaks and they cohabited. And now they are saying that they are going to be one soon.

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