What is Pavitra Lokesh like? Ramya reveals why she is marrying Naresh.. Shocking facts..!

It is known that senior actor Naresh has been estranged from his third wife Ramya Raghupathi for some time. Naresh has already filed a case in the courts seeking divorce from his third wife Ramya. But Ramya insists that Naresh will always be her husband.. She has no power to divorce him.. Her son’s security is important to her.. She will decide in the court. On the other hand, if Naresh divorces Ramya, he is ready to remarry senior character artist Pavitra Lokesh, whom he is currently dating.

On the occasion of New Year, Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh released a video of each other giving lip kisses and hinted that they are getting married this year. Ramya responded to this in a video. Naresh filed a divorce petition. He said that this is the basis for him. Ramya said that there are evidences on the petitions made by her.. Naresh’s petitions against her have not been proved even for six months.

Ramya said that she filed the case only for the maintenance of her son. They also told me that they have finally decided to divorce me. Talking about Naresh and Pavitra’s video, Naresh is teasing her as a wife.

And Ramya bombed about Pavitra. She says that she only got close to Naresh for financial reasons. She says that when Naresh is with any girl, if she catches him, he will be fine for two months.. and then it will be normal again. Ramya also told Avedana that Naresh does whatever he wants as there is no one to ask at home.

Ramya says that Naresh had many affairs in the past.. My mother-in-law used to confirm to me… that he got married without telling any person to our family.. This is completely his problem.. Ramya says that she will solve it.

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