What happened to the left eye of Andala Rashi… Why did that problem occur…!

She is indeed a golden figure who looks full of beauty on the silver screen. Once Rashi was in a movie, there were lakhs of Telugu movie lovers who went to the theaters just to watch her. At that time Rashi means a goddess of beauty. Rashi, who is cute and chubby, with enough beauty and talent to look at, has remained a moderate heroine in the Telugu film industry. Rashi Natasimham, who acted as heroine in middle range heroes like Jagapathi Babu, Srikanth and Vadde Naveen, appeared in Balakrishna Krishna Babu’s movie.

She fell in love with assistant director Srinivas and got married, after that she entered the business and is doing a turnover of crores of rupees. Rashi is also appearing on the big screen from time to time. For the past few days, many people have been complaining that there is something wrong with Rashi’s left eye…it has spoiled her beauty. It has become a big hot topic on social media.

Rashi also responded to this. They say that there is something different about my left eye and nose compared to my previous films. The look at home is very different from shooting to making a movie. At home there is a lot of make-up. Rashi said that we look normal at home.. because of that there will be some differences. Since I don’t have to cook while shooting, I sleep well. She said that now I have to do all the work at home.

Best regards, still many years have passed since the time of the movie.. Rashi clarified that there are no problems in my eyes except that the difference is due to the change in age. And when it comes to Rashi’s piece, she doesn’t break her nose when she’s in movies. Rashi expressed her doubts that her nose was still slightly different due to having her nose pierced when the baby was born.

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