What..did you force Vijay to tell you that..? What sadists bro..!!

S..Present comments are trending as a hot topic on social media. Kollywood media is saying that the health condition of Kollywood star hero Vijay Antony is still critical. We know that Kollywood star hero Vijay Antony, who gained popularity in Telugu with the movie Bicchagadu, recently got injured during the shooting of the movie Bicchagadu 2.

Vijay Antony, who got the biggest blockbuster hit with the movie Bichchagadu, announced the sequel of this movie. Moreover, the accident occurred as expected during the shooting of this movie in Malaysia. Another ship accidentally collided with another ship in which Vijay was traveling. In this sequence, Vijay Antony, who suffered serious injuries, joined the nearby Malaysian Hospital. However, it is known that the face surgery is still complete.. Soon there is another surgery too.

But it is known that Vijay Antony’s face has changed a lot due to severe injuries. Moreover, many news have gone viral saying that the health condition is critical. In this order, Vijay Antony sent a message to his fans through social media. He showed the thumb symbol saying that my health condition is good and he will talk to you soon. But Vijay’s face was nowhere to be seen. In this order, various news on social media are going viral.

Vijay Antony’s health is still critical..that’s why he didn’t show his face..the film team forced him to put this message. Anyway, if Vijay Antony takes a self-video and gives clarity about his health, fans say that it will give some relief to the people..!!

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