What did Vijayanirmala do who could not bear Krishna being close to that star heroine…!

Both of them have different views and tastes…but love made them one. Even then both of them got married. Children are also born. However, their hearts were inseparable and they got married again. Their relationship which started with Sakshi became one in 1969 with Agni Sakshi. Four years before that, Krishna married his own daughter Indira Devi.

And Krishna and Vijayanirma will be a love movie. Krishna is a foodie. When he goes to shoots, he doesn’t like eating out. If NTR had a shoot in Lokal, his wife Basavatharakam would cook herself and go to Pattu. But Indira Devi was busy taking care of the children at that time. If Krishna went to outdoor shootings, he would have trouble eating. He does not like eating out.

At that time, the set of Vijayanirmas used to bring home food. Krishna liked the food of that house very much, so Krishna used to ask for his favorite chicken, mutton and fish soup and eat it specially prepared by Vijayanirmas. And Vijayanirmala oil, be careful without neems. Krishna didn’t have any diarrhea with her food.. His stomach didn’t grow. With this, their food intimacy turned into love. Both of them acted for the first time in the movie Sakshi. Bapu became a director with this movie.

Even after they got married, they acted together in many movies. Krishna also convinced his first wife Indira to accept Vijayanirmala as his second wife. But Vijayanirmala liked Krishna better than Vijayanirmala. Even before going to the shooting of Vijayanirmala, he used to visit his aunt and uncle.

At a time when their married life was very mutual, Vijayanirmala was worried that Krishna was very close to a star heroine and that their intimacy would grow. That star heroine is none other than Jayaprada. Krishna – Jayaprada acted together in 45 movies. They are also very close. Vijayanirmala has been alerted by the rumors that this is going to turn into love. It is for this reason that there is talk of cold war between Vijayanirmala and Jayaprad.

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