Waltheru Veeraya who is going to put Chiranjeevi to the test of fire.

It’s not how many movies we do.. these days everything is like the first movie. If there is a single flop, then the test starts for the next film. Megastar Chiranjeevi This too is not an exception.. 154th film Waltheru Veeraiya will give a litmus test to the Megastar who has done 153 films. Bobby movie is going to become the most crucial for Chiranjeevi’s market in the industry.. his career. What is the reason for that? Once Chiranjeevi’s movie came out, there is no need to talk about the vibrations at the box office. After all.. Five years later, Chiranjeevi showed mega power to Prisoner No. 150 as well. Even after 9 years of re-entry, Megastar has shown that his power has not diminished by collecting Rs.100 crore share.

Chiranjeevi is the first hero to achieve Rs 100 crore share in non-Baahubali category. It must be said that after Khaidi No. 150, Megastar did not do that range of mass magic again. Saira, which came as a periodical drama, seemed just okay.. Acharya, which came with huge expectations, disappointed badly. Although Chiranjeevi and Ramcharan acted together in the movie Acharya, the movie seriously disappointed the mega fans due to flaws in the story. Even though the godfather got positive talk, the collection did not come as expected.

Generally, when a Chiranjeevi movie gets positive talk, the collections come like a tsunami. But that was not the case with Godfather. Prisoner No. 150, Saira, Godfather’s openings are few compared to Acharya. It means that Chiru Mania is reduced or it is a remake movie so the audience doesn’t care. Analysts say Waltheru Veeraya is the answer to this. Waltheru Veeraya is a pure commercial movie like Rowdy Alludu and Gharana Mogudu in the style of Chiranjeevi. If the collections of this movie, which is going to be released on Sankranthi, are high, it means that Chiru Mania is still going on. Apart from that, even if there is a good talk like Godfather, if there is no collection, there will be doubts about the Megastar market itself. That is why Waltheru Veeraiah, who is going to stand in the Sankranti race, has become very important for Chiranjeevi.

(Praveen Kumar, TV9 Telugu)

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