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Sanchita Bashu | Sanchita Basu is a social media superstar. After being introduced to Tiktok.. it has become the talk of the industry. This beauty, who shined on the silver screen through the movie ‘First Day First Show’, wants to conquer the industry. She says that Allu Arjun is her favorite hero. Waiting for the day to act with Prabhas..

Ours is Bhagalpur in Bihar. I used to be very mischievous ever since I knew it. It used to be lively, smiling and laughing. I got close to social media during my school days.
Always first in class. Currently studying Inter. He continues his studies while acting in films.

The idea of ​​doing something new led me to social media. Even if you choose ‘TikTok’ in that effort. Started making videos. In the early days it was not so popular. Even though he keeps posting videos without being disappointed. By the time Moonnellu rolled around, the number of people following me had reached ten lakhs. Within a few days the number crossed the 30 lakh milestone.

TikTok was banned in our country when my stardom was at its peak. It felt as if someone had demolished the floor of my dreams. That pain is temporary. If this is not the case, it turns out that there are many other ways. I greeted my fans through all social media accounts like Snack Video, Mojo, Instagram, Facebook.. I have regained my old glory in a very short time.

I am very careful about beauty and health. I do yoga regularly. Exercise is part of my life. Likes dancing. Whenever I get free time, I go to some new place. I will shop to my heart’s content. Dhanush and Allu Arjun are my favorite heroes. If you get a chance to act with Prabhas, say ‘S’. Currently listening to new stories. Nothing has been said ok yet.

After seeing the videos I shared on social media, director Anudeep called me for an audition. I was introduced to silver screen fans for the first time through ‘First Day First Show’. Megastar Chiranjeevi praised me in the pre-release ceremony of this movie. Moreover, admiring my eyes is an unforgettable memory.

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