Vishwaksen is unprofessional

Actor Arjun Sarja accused hero Vishvaksen of not having commitment towards the film. Arjun started a film under his own direction less than three months ago with Vishwak as the hero. His daughter Aishwarya is playing the female lead in this film. Arjun expressed his impatience that Vishvak Sen did not come while saying that he would come to the shoot from time to time and this was an insult to him and the unit members. A press meet was held at the Hyderabad Film Chamber on this matter. Arjun said, ‘I started a film less than three months ago with Vishwaksen as the hero. If the remuneration is decided in advance, they want area rights. We are fine. Many times the dates were fixed for the shooting of the film, but they said that they could not come at the last minute. We canceled two or three times after preparing the entire shoot.

Vishwak Sen, who gave dates from the 3rd of this month, said that he would not be able to come to the shooting again. If you agree to a film, you should give respect to the director and producer and work with dedication towards the agreed project. I have been in the film industry for 42 years. Vishwaksen is an unprofessional actor. He has no respect for his films. If you don’t like the story, if you don’t like the project, you should say it beforehand. So what if you don’t come when you are ready for the shoot? I will not do a film with him again. This film will be made with another hero,’ he said.

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