Vishwak Sen: ‘Dispute with Arjun.. Did you pay the money?’.. Vishwak Sen’s reaction to the reporter’s question..

Das Ka Dhamki is the latest film directed by Vishwak Sen himself. This movie, which has completed all the programs, will soon hit the screens. In this order, film promotions are being done rapidly. It is known that the pre-release event of this movie was held on Friday evening. Young Tiger NTR was the chief guest for this ceremony. In an interview given to a channel by Vishvak as part of the promotions of this movie, a question was raised about Arjun’s controversy. When the reporter asked him to respond on the controversy with Arjun Sarja, he was not interested in talking. He replied that he did not want to talk about that matter.

I heard that after the controversy with Arjun Sarja you paid him a huge sum of money. At that time there were news that you were very sad about that. To what extent is that true?.. when asked by the reporter.. Vishvak was not interested in answering. I don’t want to talk about it now. Because that has nothing to do with this movie. “I don’t want to talk about it out of respect for many people,” he replied.

Vishwak also reacted to the change of director of Dhamki. When director Naresh Koppili said that he had done Paagal together, then Das Ka Dhamki, I thought he would be able to do justice to this film. That is why we thought of him as the director before this film. But when we discussed the story.. his way of thinking.. the story I thought could not match. So I became a director myself. They said that there were no quarrels or arguments between us.

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