Vishwabhara | The title of #mega156 has arrived.. Vashishta who was impressed with the video glimpses

Vishwabhara | After many years, Megastar Chiranjeevi is again doing a sociofantasy movie. Young director Vashishtha, who created a sensation in Tollywood with Bimbisara, is directing this movie. Since the announcement of this movie, how is this movie going to be? The audience is eagerly waiting for that. When is #mega156 movie starting? How will Chiranjeevi appear in this movie? Mega fans are watching with excitement. In this sequence, the film team gave good news to the mega fans. The title of this movie was revealed on the occasion of Sankranti. Announcing the title of this movie, UV Creations has released a video glimpse.

Chiranjeevi and Vashishta’s upcoming movie #mega156 has been rumored for several days that the titles of Mulloka Veerudu and Vishwambhara are being considered. Since Jagadeka Veerudu is close to the title of Atiloka Sundari, it was also propagated that the title of Mulloka Veerudu has been conformed among them. But breaking all these speculations, the film unit has revealed the title of the film. Vishwambhara released a video glimpse conforming to the title. It has also been announced that the film will be released on Sankranti next year. These glimpses released on the occasion of Sankranti are now making mega fans happy.

In a magic box that touches the edges of the heavens.. travels through the black hole.. crosses many obstacles and finally reaches the earth. After that, the magical casket is opened and the title of Vishwambhara is revealed. In this sequence, the big Hanuman idol is shown, and the suspense of how the story of the movie is going to be increases. Mega fans are thrilled after this title has been revealed. If the title reveal is in this range… how is the movie going to be? They are drowning in imagination. As for Vishwambhara movie, this movie will be produced by UV Creations banner. Oscar winning music director MM Keeravani is providing the music. Anushka Shetty and Mrinal Thakur will act opposite Chiranjeevi in ‚Äč‚Äčthis movie.



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