Vishvak Sen who gave a shock to the star hero sons .. Now will the big stars give an answer..!?

Becoming a hero in the film industry is not a big deal. The real hero is the one who gets success after his arrival. But people are saying that hero Vishwak Sen has all such qualities. Multi-talented Vishvak Sen can act in any role.

It is known that the prank done by Vishwak Sen as part of his movie promotions in the past has become an issue. At the same time, he got into a fight with a popular TV channel. That time it became viral. Vishwak Sen, who recently wanted to get a blockbuster hit with the movie “Ori Devado”, Kantara movie gave him a break. Due to this movie, it could not be a hit as expected. Now Vishwak Sen is pinning his hopes on his next film.

Vishwa, who is already busy with two films in hand, seems to have recently launched another crazy combo. It is known that director Sahit and Viswaksen, who made the movie called Singer Geetamadhuri’s husband Nandu to Sawari, are going to make another big movie. According to the information received, this movie is a suspense thriller set in the college background.. It is known that Vishwaxen is going to be seen in a new role in this movie. Moreover, the talk has gone viral that they are setting a budget of 25 crores for the film. People say it’s really great. A budget of 25 crores is a big adventure for a small hero like Vishwak Sen. People are protesting that Vishwak Sen has talent, should only big heroes be given crores.. If small heroes are given crores, there will be no profit. Not only that, some are angry that Vishwak Sen has been targeted.

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