Vishnu Priya : It’s enough to see Akhil like that once.. Anchor Vishnu Priya comments

Vishnu Priya : Anchor Vishnu Priya is currently taking the social media by storm. His latest album Sange is being heard. The mass steps performed by this seller with Bigg Boss contestant Manus is impressive. ‘Jari Jari Panchekattu Song’ can be said to be a milestone in Vishnupriya’s career. Because in this song, Ammadu forgets that she is the anchor, and at the same time, the beauty is more than the heroines. Vishnupriya is trying to change her status from an anchor to a film actor.

That’s why she has been showing off her beauty lately. Vishnupriya is taking her steps differently from her fellow anchors on the silver screen. This selling beauty display on social media is not all. Vishnu Priya is exposing almost in the range of heroines. She is losing the minds of boys by posing for hot photos posted on Instagram. It is known that Vishna Priya started her career with Powepora show together with Sudhir.

Vishnu Priya Comments on Akhil Akkineni

Vishnu Priya : I am Akhil’s birth relation..

As an anchor, Vishnupriya is taking steps ahead of Anasuya, Srimukhi and Rashmi. Vishnupraya, who recently shared the screen with Sudheer in the movie Wanted, has recently made sensational comments about her relationship with Akkineni Akhil. Hero Akhil is Vishnupriya, who has told her that she is very mad.. She is requesting the directors to have one chance with Akhil. She pleads that she has a birth connection with Akhil.. Whoever is the director who makes films with Akhil should give her one chance.. She is a mediocre dancer. Hot anchor Vishnupriya revealed that Chanali would have a chance to dance with Akhil.

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