Vishnu Priya : Don’t go to town for Sankranti.. Do you know where Vishnu Priya enjoys with Jabardast comedian… Video

Vishnu Priya: The original festival of Sankranti. At this time everyone goes to their villages. Enjoy with family members there. But… anchor Vishnupriya, on the occasion of Sankranti festival, went abroad for vacation instead of going to her home. Yes.. She is not only an anchor now.. She has acted in many movies as a heroine. Due to this, his fans have also increased. Recently, it is known that Vishnupriya acted as the heroine in the movie “Wanted Fusadadu”. But..

He has more following on social media than movies and TV shows. That following.. made him so crazy. That’s why she keeps getting angry on social media. Looking at the photos he posts on social media, it feels the same. The photos and videos he posts are not ordinary. Vishnupriya provokes the crowd by posting outrageously glamorous photos. Presently Vishnupriya is in Malaysia. Enjoying vacation there. She carved Malaysia with her friend, Jabardast comedian Ritu Chaudhary.

anchor vishnu priya enjoys her vacation in malaysia

Vishnu Priya: Vishnu Priya is enjoying her vacation in Malaysia

Both of them enjoyed their time together in Malaysia. Did they go to Malaysia just for the New Year celebrations? I don’t know if she is staying there till Sankranti and enjoying it, but Vishnupriya is going to dry her beauty. The fuss made a fuss. With this, his latest photos and videos are becoming viral on social media. Recently, Vishnupriya also acted in a cover song. It is known that the Bigg Boss contestant stepped in with Manus. That song became very famous. Vishnupriya also got a good name.


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