Vishal : Vishal has tattooed that leader on his heart..

Vishal : Political news has been doing rounds around Tamil hero Vishal for some time now. There are reports that Vishal is going to contest against former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu. Vishal’s family had business dealings in Kumpam and had good relations with the people there. With this, strong news was heard from YCP side that Vishal is going to contest against Chandrababu. But Vishal dismissed the news as false. Now once again Vishal’s name is heard in political terms.

Vishal : Pawan means love.. Jagan means love.. Vishal!

It is known that Vishal has expressed his admiration for the legendary Tamil actor and politician ‘MGR’ on many occasions. Vishal recently got MGR’s photo tattooed on his heart. The related photo has now gone viral. Vishal getting this tattoo without any occasion leads to many discussions. In the past, when Jayalalithaa died, Vishal filed an unexpected nomination saying that he would contest the by-elections. But it was somewhat rejected. Even after that, Vishal kept saying that he would enter politics.

Recently, there are also reports that Vishal is going to contest from the AIADMK party in the next elections. In this order, some people are of the opinion that Vishal tattooed MGR’s photo to get closer to the party and the people. But some people are commenting that it might be for any movie. And to know the story behind this tattoo, we have to wait and see. Vishal is currently acting in Marc Antony and Detective 2.

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