Vishal, Abhinaya in love: Vishal in love with another heroine…getting married soon…? Clarity video.

Vishal is in the news not only for movies and politics but also for marriage rumors. Many times in the past, the news of this hero’s marriage was rumored. Earlier there was a lot of publicity about his love affair with actress Varalakshmi Sarathkumar. There are rumors that they will get married. But none of that came true. After that, Vishal got engaged to a girl from Hyderabad. But it got canceled before the wedding. Meanwhile, Abhinaya and Vishal are currently playing the lead role in Mark Antony’s film. In this context, there are rumors of love and marriage with Vishal. Vishal has not responded to this campaign so far, but actress Abhinaya has reacted. I am playing Vishal’s wife in Marc Antony’s film. If you act as a wife in reel life, can you be a wife in real life?’ She expressed her anger on these rumours. With this, the rumors of Vishal and Abhinaya’s love and marriage seem to have come to a halt. As for Vishal, he is currently acting in the film Lathi. Apart from this, two more films are being made.

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