Virupaksha Movie | Virupaksha became a villain.. Karthik Dandu revealed an interesting fact

Virupaksha Climax Twist| Virupaksha, who placed Mega’s nephew Saidharam Tej in the hundred crore club, recently entered OTT. The level of response this movie got in the theatre, it will get the same level of acceptance in OTT. The film released five weeks ago amidst huge expectations and has got an equally huge opening. It became the highest opening film in Saitej’s career. On the first day, Anukuntu collected in the same range on the second day as well. It broke even in the first weekend itself and brought eye-catching profits to the distributors. This movie once again proved that if there is matter in the story, it does not hinder the collections.

And in this movie, there is no audience who is not fond of Samyukta’s acting. In the climax, however, the combined acting is on a different level. And the climax twist also shocked everyone. The combined twist of the movie, which was going in a flow until then, surprised everyone. Meanwhile, director Karthik recently shared interesting facts about this film and the villain in it. According to the script written by him earlier, the anchor wanted to show Shyamala’s character as a villain. He wanted to say that she is behind all the happenings in the town.

But if the same thing is told to Sukumar.. that character will not show that much impact. The climax should be a blast. He advised to cast the heroine as the villain. Karthik said that the screenplay of this movie has been completely changed and new scenes have been written. Here you can understand what Sukumar’s brilliance is. The main highlight of this movie is the climax twist. Putting the heroine as the villain in it really shocked everyone. Sukumar is also a co-producer for this movie and also contributed the screenplay.

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