Virata Parwam – Ravi teja: Due to Ravi Teja .. Virata Parvam to be released earlier .. Do you know how?

“All industries are fully revived. Movies of all kinds, from small scale films to Pan India projects, have made a splash in theaters. But the film still stands in cold storage. Although the shooting was completed a few days ago, there was no clarity regarding the release update. ” This is what everyone thought about Virat Parvam till yesterday. Writing in media houses. However, a few days ago, the movie was rejected by the movie makers with a single date, July 1, the movie release date. And now .. this news is giving a twist. Virat Parvan is going to be brought before us before the said date. The movie is going to be released very soon. S! With Ravi Teja stepping aside like this .. it would be like if we take that date .. Virat Parvam Makers are in the concept.
Rana and team are all set to release ‘Virat Parvan’ on June 17, with director Wish also urging for an early release of the film. That is why the film director Venu Udugula has already given interviews and has already started the promotion of the film. Trying to raise the hype on the movie again.

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