Viral Video: Baby steps in stomach to Thaman song.. Pushing video

Ranjitame.. Ranjitame.. This is the song that has been shaking the social media for the past few days. This song from Kollywood star hero Warisu (Varasudu in Telugu) is stealing YouTube records. WhatsApp statuses, YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, Facebook…recreations of this song are seen everywhere. Film celebs, YouTubers, social media influencers, Vijay fans, netizens… all are stepping to Ranjithame’s song regardless of whether they are young or old. Videos related to these are also going viral on social media. Meanwhile, a crazy video related to the Ranjithame song has now gone viral. That is.. even the unborn child is jumping to this clever song. A family from Tamil Nadu shared a special video on social media saying that Ranjithame song is very special for their family. In this, a woman is seen laughing with a baby bump. But when Ranjitham plays the song, it is seen that the baby in her womb is jumping. “My baby dances like this every time Ranjithame song is played,” said the woman.

Music director Taman also responded to this video.. ‘I feel sweet while watching this video. It made my day so happy,’ he gushed. Warisu, which was made as a family entertainer, was released in a grand way in Tamil Nadu on January 11 as a Sankranti gift. The Telugu version was released today (January 14). Fans say that the songs in the film have become chartbusters and Vijay and Rashmika’s steps have been taken.

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