Vinayak’s kiss… the megastar at Puri… is it even more shameful…!

Where is Tollywood’s daring and dashing director Puri Jagannath now? The answer to that question is Mumbai only. Puri’s presence in Mumbai is not the point.. The main thing is what he is actually doing there. If the right script is found, no matter how big the star hero Chalu Puri is, the film will be made and released within three months. Three months is enough for Puri, no matter how big the budget is. That’s why Puri has the ability to make three to four films a year.

After a series of flops, he made a super hit movie like Smart Shankar with Ram. The film got good profits. The same over confidence hit Puri. Immediately, there was a big rush to make a big Pan India movie like Liger with Vijay Devarakonda and it turned out to be a disaster. Due to financial conflicts, Puri was in a lot of trouble with complaints to the police. After that movie, he stopped in the middle of Janganamana, which started with Vijay.

That is, how is the blow of Puri? Vijay Devarakonda who tasted it was like a stick. Puri Nana rushed that there will be a movie with Megastar after Liger. Coming to that, Puri is supposed to direct Chiru Re-Entry. The rush made by Autojani with the title is not normal. But Chiru did not like the story told by Puri. With this, Chiru Puri took the light. Why would they give such a chance after such a terrible disaster like Liger?

In the middle he also chanted Balayya mantra. Balayya is very busy. Moreover, there are elections next year. The strange thing is that Chiranjeevi is waiting for the right director after the Bhola Shankar movie. This is a good opportunity for Puri.. but the name Puri is not coming out of Chiru’s mouth. The name of old Chintakaya Pachadi director like Vivi Vinayak who is forgotten by people is also being heard. From this it is understood that none of the Tollywood heroes let Puri come near. For some years Puri was not going to get rid of these pains. However, this is a shame for such a great director.

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